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  • Brother



    This contained the most fun public transport vigilante story I've heard since the one about Twan throwing a homie off the bus in Manchester. Calling him "a fucking monkey" In the process. Then getting thrown off the bus himself for not paying the full fare.

    I like the Protag' (as us cool people call them!) in this. And the fun story but some of the acting/production makes telenovelas look slick.

    Shameful product placement with McDonalds and Littlewoods ;-D

    I need to listen to Wings by Nautilus now!

    Brother = Brat.

  • The Riot Club

    The Riot Club


    There seems to be a lot of undue negativity about this film, apparently because it’s about a bunch of toffee nosed posh cunts. Why? So what?

    It’s created a Sleeping Beauty type effect where a good film has been misinterpreted and taken as some sort of personal attack? I’m common as muck me, but I never felt threatened by these upper crust shenanigans, despite being a subordinate labourer, just as I never felt threatened by Sleeping Beauty or Sucker…