Casablanca ★★★★★

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To watch the whole world collapse when there's nothing you can do except to look after yourself and your loved ones is heartbreaking. When I understood I couldn't leave my place anymore for months in the name of my health and the life of the others, I found myself in which is probably the most frustrating, helpless moment of my life. It can't be any easier to realize you need to put your willing of live first and do whatever it takes to stay safe.

When we think we know what love stories are made of, someone shows up, mess our concepts in every possible way and there you are: helpless again. And then life gets in the way. It's not what we thought it could be. It takes more effort, more communication, more selflessness. And on easy times, you can try your best. But in the hard times... the times you feel afraid just going outside, what more can you do but believe that this love is real? That "when this is finally over, we will carry on"? If we can't truly believe that this will be over, then how can anyone go on?

And after going through it, after putting yourself out there, fighting every single thing you never thought you'd had to fight, after doubting your life and leaving your whole idealistic heart behind, some would say we're ready to give up on love. How is it possible to live a life full of love and commit yourself when the world is literally ending and falling apart?

Well, I say that there's no heart broke in the darkest times of human life that can't heal, find its way to the right track and learn to love again. In 1942, love meant letting go to so many. It's a relief to be able to go to bed knowing that today, love means staying together—no matter how far, how hard, how full of pain. The idealistic hearts always find their way around. Here's looking at you, kid.

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