Loving Vincent ★★★★★

Dear Vincent,

this humble hearts that speaks to you—even though it knows it’s speaking alone, but wish it could reach you—is, as much as anyone else, trying to show you appreciation when you’re not here anymore. You spent your life alone, even though you were kind. You spent your life in fear, even though you had all the courage in the world. You spent your life being chased, even though you were kind; spent your life insecure, even though you were brilliant. You lived a miserable life because you felt.

Starry nights are not the same since you painted one. And for those who doesn’t know you, know that you painted their lives, too. 

You who brought love to my life, light to my thoughts, and peace to a small part of my world. But know this: without this small part, I’d not know that darkness lead to light.

You shouldn’t be needed to struggle this much. And I could never accept you had to go through that much pain to speak your soul. I can never change the past, only hold you in my heart.

I fear a world that haven’t had you.
The kindest hearts suffer because they are brave.
Your noble contribution to people’s lives payed off, if that’s ever possible.

They thought you only had darkness,
but you were all light.
Happy birthday.

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