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  • Judy


    I have to say that I became overly excited when I found out this was being made, as I am a SUPER fan of Garland. I knew her life wasn't pretty or fun, but I think I built something up completely different in my mind for what I imagined this was going to be like. I agree with many other people on here. The film, itself, was very "meh". However, I think Renée was better than most are giving her…

  • Never Fear

    Never Fear


    Underrated Lupino directed film with a number that combines dance choreography and fencing. Just. Wow! I'd watch it again right now just for that scene.

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  • The Dark Corner

    The Dark Corner


    This film noir hit high on my list!! It's the perfect combination of mysterious crime with a little fluffy romance. I will usually watch Lucille Ball in anything, but she pleasantly surprised me in this one. The dialogue between her and Mark Stevens just kills me. It's hilarious! I could just listen to their conversations and be happy the whole time. She plays a devoted yet feisty secretary of a private investigator who gets tangled in the mess of her…

  • The Proud Rebel

    The Proud Rebel


    This charming little western won me over! I can't say how refreshing it was to see Olivia de Havilland in such a role, playing a woman who is protecting her large farm from obnoxious people trying to steal it from her. She is very hardened from what she has gone through and seen, but finds a mute boy whose father is in trouble. Her heart is softened, so she feels the need to help them and brings them to her…