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  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


    More like Resident Evil: Fury Road. While the action set pieces are relentless and at times quite awesome, overall this kind of seems like a weak coda, especially when compared to Paul W. S. Anderson's penultimate offering, Retribution, which is probably the series highpoint for me. This one's flat-out predictable, and none but a few handful of characters matter in the scheme of things. The absence of the master of unlocking, my franchise bias Jill Valentine, is another disappointment. Actually,…

  • Millionaires Express

    Millionaires Express


    Not sure why this is considered a Hong Kong action comedy classic. All I see is a poor man's Project A. This is just loud and nonsensical in a not-so-fun way. Sammo Hung stars and directs this slog of a mess. He plays a Jesse James outlaw figure from turn-of-the-century China, and he gets to fight a bunch of lawmen, bandits, some Japanese ninjas... and Cynthia Rothrock. The cast is quite the star-studded affair, but too many lame characters bog down the film.

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  • Upstream Color

    Upstream Color


    Shane Carruth’s alluring Upstream Color is Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the art house crowd, with hogs replacing pods and identity crisis substituting for McCarthyism. That may be an awfully crude comparison but it’s the overall gist I got as I watched this beguiling, beautiful film. One thing’s for sure, the plot’s mind-control science fiction aspect plays only second fiddle to the transcendent yet universal overarching theme of emotional resonance in people in the vein of Henry David Thoreau’s…

  • Post Tenebras Lux

    Post Tenebras Lux


    Contemplative cinema can be a bitch. This most elusive of art house varieties has repeatedly rendered me awestruck, but at the same time hopelessly nonplussed all at once. With that said, the sensory experience waiting in store for viewers in Post Tenebras Lux, perhaps the most idiosyncratic and abstract work to date from Mexican, transcendental filmmaker Carlos Reygadas, can be quite overwhelming and intimidating. If one is unfamiliar with the director’s influences—namely Robert Bresson, Carl Theodore Dreyer, Roberto Rossellini, and…