Au revoir l'été ★★★★

Au revoir l'été, aka the Japanese Pauline at the Beach. Such a beautifully languid film about youth and summer-time love. In a way this is like an homage to those French-styled holiday films from the New Wave era. It even sports an Academy ratio, as well as intertitles to mark the passage of days. Obviously, I had a great time with this. Eric Rohmer was the first thing to pop in my head and I knew from the start that I was in for a treat. Like his “Comedies and Proverbs” classic, the story follows a teenage girl (Fumi Nikaido in another splendid role) who goes on vacation with a relative at a seaside town. There, they meet friends and lovers, old and new alike. Naturally, nothing much happens in the plot, but the characterizations are all complex, and every conversation is a delight. What a marvelous fusion of Japanese and French sensibilities.