Tormented ★★½

Takashi Shimizu sure loves to make the same film over and over. Tormented (or more awesomely known as Rabbit Horror) is practically another Ju-on iteration. Once again here’s a J-horror centering on a young woman who falls prey to a long-haired ghost—only this time it’s a long-haired ghost wearing an adorable bunny suit. The rabbit costume comes across as more cute than scary, though. Also there are far too many jump scares here for my liking. The killer bunny scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a lot more terrifying than this in its entirety. Anyway, the film stars Hikari Mitsushima whom I adore dearly. She is always a pleasure to see and I can just about watch anything she’s in, regardless of the movie's quality. There’s the great Teruyuki Kagawa from Tokyo Sonata as well, playing Hikari’s father. Now while the plot is not that special, the fairytale aspect at the beginning is pretty interesting. It’s like a cross between Silent Hill and Alice in Wonderland, but with the White Rabbit on pursuit instead of Alice. Somewhere past the halfway point is a clichéd twist and that’s when story sort of loses momentum for me. It’s downhill from then on out, but Hikari’s presence makes it all worthwhile.