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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    A film rarely feels complete - and maybe it shouldn’t, for many reasons, but to echo Sciamma’s own work here: at some point you just stop. Before that point though, you try and capture all the little details.

    A raised eyebrow, a held breath, two hands overlapping. More than an exceptional writer, Sciamma knows how to bring a script to life in a way that really takes advantage of the medium of film - she paints us a picture, just…

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  • Girlhood


    It is difficult to write about Girlhood. But this is because it is possibly beyond description for its trifecta of skill, style and substance. It is, thus far, Céline Sciamma's best.

    In a strange way, Girlhood seems like a direct response to Linklater's Boyhood, even with its mirroring English title. While the former revolved around a white boy of middle class background with a vague and aimless personality, Girlhood instead features Marieme, a black girl from a poor neighbourhood with…

  • American Hustle

    American Hustle

    American Hustle is like a prepubescent teen—awkward and unsure of itself, with much potential for development. There's a point where you wonder, 'whose story is this and how am I involved?' and it is then that the film has failed to be translated from text to screen.

    Although we see the characters consistently, their surroundings, and that of a specific era, are never fully realised. Too much of the film happens in close-up; there are probably only about 5 shots…