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  • Someone Behind the Door

    Someone Behind the Door


    Interesting concept, poor execution. I expected great things from a pairing of Charles Bronson & Anthony Perkins but the narrative is TV movie, the performances are barely adequate, and the filmmaking is sterile. 

    The Memento-like concept drew me in but I didn’t get nearly the same experience. It was all predictable & straightforward. Bronson is befuddled & Perkins is devious but the stakes are relatively low and the characters are all pieces of garbage anyway. 

    A horror/action remake is called for, one that…

  • 7500



    It’s a very German, stark, and realistic production featuring an excellent character study of a straight-laced Joseph Gordon-Levitt trying to overcome a terrorist hijacking of his airplane. Excellent performances all around although the narrative is predictable & lacks twists that would add anything new.

    This feels like a 90s throwback that could only be made today by European filmmakers. There’s no way in hell you could have Islamic terrorists hijacking a plan in 2020 with a US production. That said, it’s…

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Good Time is an intense film that’s shot very close in and draws you into its authentic characters and story. It’s a claustrophobic tale of urban survival with a New York accent.

    Robert Pattinson is completely believable as a manipulative, scuzzy character who cares for/exploits his mentally challenged and deaf brother. This relationship is the driving force of the plot and indirectly sets up most of the action and beats along the way. Good Time is more of a character…

  • Joker



    Joker is a raw character study and social commentary on how we create the monsters that prey on us. Phoenix’s performance is fantastic and the cinematography is engrossing. I knocked it down a star because of  a somewhat standard story structure & predictable plot beats. 

    It’s amazing to see some critics brushing aside the exceptional acting and visuals like they’re expected or nothing that special. These are probably the same people who fawned over OUATIH for the same reasons. The difference…