Bone Tomahawk ★★½

Not sure what the fuss was over this movie. The low key hype and the concept put this on my watch list but it failed to deliver in a few key areas.

It’s a western horror flick, which is modest in the former and light in the latter. A fantastic opening sequence leads to a deflating exposition and second act filled with homesteading and an occasional plot point. A weirdo in a white suit shows up in town for some reason to hang about. Then three people go missing and mysterious cannibal injuns are suspected. Now the sheriff, Kurt Russell, his elderly deputy, one of the abductee’s injured husband, and the white suit guy form a posse to rescue them.

You best believe there are camp fires and mild character development filled with the usual set-backs. They eventually find the poorly rendered cannibal cave and now we’re in horror mode with some ok gore. Gimpy husband pulls through and saves the day.

Kurt Russell delivers a great performance, the cinematography is fine, but the editing, pacing, and tone are critical weaknesses. Granted, it’s a first time director and a 1.8 mill budget but I was never really invested in the story or characters that much. In the end, the concept was a bit too big for the production. Bone Tomahawk, both literally and figuratively, is serviceable but ultimately dull and inefficient.

If you want an understated western action/drama that flew under the radar, check out Hostiles (2018) starring Christian Bale.