Captain Ron ★★★★½

There’s a reason why I ranked this so high & why many of us like the bad movies we do. There’s a story behind each one...
A week after my wife and I got engaged and started planning our Grand Cayman destination wedding, she started feeling bad that she didn’t get me an “engagement gift.” I got the ring and made some of the down payments and I guess she thought she needed to contribute. She shared her feelings about it at a trip to Best Buy of all places. “Please just let me get you something,” she pleaded after I tried to reassure her. After another few rounds of this, I caved then headed for the discount DVD bin and grabbed the first thing I recognized. You guessed it, Captain Ron. We were going to the Caribbean to get married, so why not celebrate our love by watching Kurt Russell cavorting around in a banana hammock? 
It’s been 8 years today since our big day and we’re watching it yet again; trading sarcastic commentaries and memories. Face it, sometimes it’s more than just the movie we’re reviewing.