Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

It’s a consistently Tarantino movie that features a rich environment, compelling characters, and technical excellence. There’s just no real story to hang all of this on.

I really wanted to watch the fake movies that we get brief glimpses at throughout. Those scenes had structure, they were schlocky without going over the top. Then the scene ends and we’re back to yet another shot of Sharon Tate smiling at herself on screen. Ok, where are we going? It’s a question I asked myself frequently. Oh then it ends in the way you’d expect:  the big bloody showdown that Tarantino always does.

I’m sorry, I know I’m supposed to slobber all over this because Tarantino and Marvel fatigue but the style and amorphous structure just don’t impress me as much anymore. Leo and Brad are great, the dialogue is punchy, and the cinematography is beautiful but it’s nearly 3 hours of things that happen. I don’t feel anything at the end of it all. It’s an interesting watch but I have no compelling need to watch this again.

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