The Enforcer ★★½

The Enforcer is disappointing but it’s not without its charms.

Tyne Daly’s performance shines through an otherwise middling sequel. The equality theme is done well in that we are allowed to see her character struggle then grow. She earns her place alongside Harry despite an initial politicized move to satisfy a cynical agenda.

There are a few visually interesting action sequences sprinkled in here and there but it’s not enough to keep me from checking the time counter. The bad guys and motivations aren’t developed well at all, so we’re left with a hodgepodge of random thugs who have anti-tank weapons that end up on Alcatraz for some reason.

Overall it’s an adequate cop action-drama that, along with the rest of the franchise, would go on to influence many 80s and 90s action movies in terms of themes, tropes, and action set pieces. As a stand alone film, however, it’s mostly forgettable.