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  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas

    "Travis’ commitment to getting lost is greater than his desire to be loved. It happens. When we can no longer stand ourselves, we can no longer stand others. We fling ourselves from the burden of love into escapism: a substance, a job, a far-off desert. A few personal events can spark this kind of reaction; most commonly, shame. If we can understand shame, we can understand why a man would abandon his family for the desert. Why a man walks alone until he collapses."

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  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod

    "Nothing is harder to do than nothing,” Jenny Odell states at the outset of her 2019 book, How to Do Nothing. The book is revolution as recalibration, a deep breath. It atomizes all the disorders we grow as participants in late capitalism’s 24/7 attention economy. It gestures against perpetual busyness and provides an urgent perspective on the myth of productivity. It quantifies how technology and capital and the intersection thereof seek to commodify our lives and attentions, which is to…

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