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  • Phantasm



    This movie is roughly 12 minutes of compelling story, and the rest is padding. Angus Scrimm is kind of creepy if you have a hang up from that time you were 5 and making faces in church to try to make your sister laugh and an old man in a suit that you didn’t know reprimanded you (what? Just me?), but otherwise this is more low budget shortcut than film. It’d be better as a segment in an anthology horror…

  • Raw



    I can’t think of another movie that’s this well made that I disliked watching so much, and I think I mean that mostly in praise. What starts as cringe-inducing shock horror somehow becomes more cohesive and more unsettling as it goes on. Anchored by some fine performances, some rad shots, and heaps of style. I’m sure I could recommend it, but I’m not sure to who. 

    That ending, though.

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  • The House of the Devil

    The House of the Devil


    I appreciate this movie for its style and its confidence in what it is. Poor pacing, an unearned event in the third act, and an inexplicable exposition dump at the end keep this movie from being great.