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  • In My Mother's Skin


  • The Starling Girl


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  • Inglorious Liaisons


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  • In My Mother's Skin

    In My Mother's Skin


    Sundance 2023 #4

    It didnt really work for me but i thoroughly appreciate the performances as well as the incredible sound design!!

  • The Starling Girl

    The Starling Girl


    Sundance 2023 #3

    Parmet’s sensitive coming-of-age story is a gentle showcase about the potential dangers that come with organized religion keen on patriarchal views. Parmet’s script assesses the concept of self-discovery intertwined in an intoxicating yet inappropriate relationship.

    A great balance of discomfort and delicacy when dissecting Jem’s impetuous albeit courageous attempt at sexual and mental liberation, The Starling Girl does well with what so many of its counterparts fail to do: It recognizes that sexual exploitation/abuse and agency are not mutually exclusive.

    Full review: screenrant.com/the-starling-girl-2023-movie-reviews/

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  • Titane



    I really wanted to adore Titane, but the film plays like two films with two separate but equally interesting storylines that never come together to conjoin at a center point that made sense.

    The first is about a ruthless & disgruntled Alexia who has a vengeance to take out on the world due to her upbringing and tumultuous relationship with her father.

    The second is about new beginnings, redemption, and learning to love life for what it is.

    The problem is…

  • Bad Hair

    Bad Hair


    Sundance #10

    Justin Simien is back with his satire flair to blend horror and comedy as a means to tackle and examine “bad hair” and the roots of all its evil. The writer-director, most notably recognized for his 2014 Sundance directorial debut, Dear White People, has a keen way of criticizing cultural & social problems through humor and irony.

    This time around, however, he neglects to criticize the actual politics and issues concerning the concept at the center of his latest feature. As a result, Bad Hair comes off as a second-rate and dishonest commentary that contains everything but the actual commentary.

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