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  • Get Duked!

    Get Duked!


    A raucous hip-hop-inspired dark comedy, "Get Duked!" treads relatively new ground in the Scottish Highlands by placing three misfits and an overachiever right in the midst of a strange, annual murder ritual. It is a return to form for a short-lived, unique style of horror/comedy from the UK that turned out such gems as "Attack the Block" and "Grabbers" during the early 2010s. The humor here is over-the-top and largely physical in nature, and there's an emphasis placed on urban…

  • Zombieland: Double Tap

    Zombieland: Double Tap


    The Zombieland sequel excels in most of the areas that made the first movie so enjoyable, notably the cast synergy and humor, but doesn't excite much in other areas. Some of the new characters are interesting but the movie gets muddled with the amount of them that are introduced, so this is ultimately not a sticking point. The plot is almost certainly the worst aspect of the film because it just feels sudden and consequential, and even though the gang…

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  • Conan the Barbarian

    Conan the Barbarian


    Conan is indeed a fantasy/adventure film that can trade punches with the best of them; heavy on action and (surprising) gore, dense with stellar set and costume design, and featuring Arnold at his action-hero beefiest, it's an exciting film. The story is pretty plain, however, and the empty motivator of the King's quest makes for a conveniently contrived plot point rather than an intriguing one, but it's a solid revenge tale nonetheless.

    What the fuck is up with James Earl Jones's hairpiece, though? This is a legit criticism because I could not take the man seriously with that thing on his head.

  • Memoirs of an Invisible Man

    Memoirs of an Invisible Man


    Not the John Carpenter film I really expected but an enjoyable film nonetheless. Memoirs of an Invisible Man's biggest draws are certainly the phenomenal, star-studded cast, competent director, and great adventure, but that's about it. There's not much to dig out of any real substance, but I'm sad to say that even the comedy isn't particularly great... so the action has to compensate, and it mostly does. Carpenter's other forays into the genre were very successful but generally either far…