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  • Simon of the Desert

    Simon of the Desert


    I wonder what Scorsese thinks of this, it almost plays like a parody of Silence.

  • Fourteen



    Kinda funny to me that this director is known to be a monastically dedicated cinephile because based on the two movies of his that I've seen he's probably the most novelistic filmmaker in America today. When I saw The Unspeakable Act I was impressed by its commitment to probing its characters' psychology to an extent usually reserved for literature. There's a bit less of that here, but Sallitt adds frequent untelegraphed time jumps—another literary element. This has a very pleasing…

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  • Band of Outsiders

    Band of Outsiders


    It's kind of weird to me that '60s Godard has such a reputation for youthful exuberance, because some of these pictures are dry, languid affairs. I first saw many of them, including Band of Outsiders, on a laptop in a dorm room near the end of George W. Bush's first term or the beginning of his second, and now I revisit whenever a 35mm print rolls into town. I don't think this one captivated me much at 18, and at…

  • The Servant

    The Servant


    One of the great films about the act of trolling