anna laura berndle

the only chances they’ll ever get to touch the face of heaven

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  • July Rain
  • A Moment of Innocence
  • Out 1
  • Notorious

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  • I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar


  • Bullet Train


  • Nope


  • The Cloud in Her Room


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  • July Rain

    July Rain


    Lena tags along with a friend group of shallow yuppie types including her boyfriend. Increasingly she feels bored, left out, but mostly just unfulfilled. The city of Moscow is omnipresent. She and her social circle become increasingly miniscule, engulfed by the vast landscape and population of the perpetually moving, pulsing city. A hint of a deeper human connection seems to sprout up feebly, framed by the urban bustle that frame Lena's day to day life. Will it amount to anything…

  • Hear the Wind Sing

    Hear the Wind Sing


    This is a must watch for Murakami fans! Omori translates Murakami's signature detachment, vagueness, and isolation that were already present in his first fiction work perfectly, and chooses a truly haunting jazz soundtrack that ties the whole thing together as well.

    The only weaknesses in this movie are due to weaknesses in the source material itself. Murakami's 1979 debut novel was quite rough around the edges, having his usual motifs of cynicism and isolation, but lacking the supernatural elements and…