Domino ★½

Perhaps the only movie I've ever seen that climaxes with a kick to the dick, alas Domino doesn't even have the virtue of being unintentionally hilarious. Director Brian de Palma (awful for a long time now, but once truly great) has said the film was taken away and recut without his involvement. It shows. The music never quite seems to sync to what's happening on screen. Many of de Palma's flourishes, once innovative, now feel treacly. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has very little to do as a detective investigating the ISIS connected attack of his partner. Carice van Houten plays his new partner and her role simply makes no sense. There are a few tense moments here, including a reasonably effective, though underbudgeted, red carpet terrorist attack shown largely through 'first person shooter' perspective. But really it's sad to see a master feel so goddamn pedestrian.

2019: First to Worst