The Biggest Little Farm ★★★★

The Biggest Little Farm tells a genuinely moving story of a couple who decides to go all Stardew Valley (or Harvest Moon if you're my age) and leave behind their city lives for the chance at living a better life off the land. Presented without particular moralizing, the documentary showcases an option for a return to classical farming techniques and the potential benefit in the modern ecosystem. Buttressed by some nature filming that would not be out of touch in an episode of Planet Earth, Biggest Little Farm takes on a near poetic quality over the film's run time. On the page I suspect much of the voiceover here would read masturbatory and pretentious, and yet over the beautiful backdrops of the film's world it somehow just feels earned. Most compelling is the series of systemic natural relationships between various plants and animals that help the farm find success after (very, very many) setbacks. I even appreciated the film's clear eyed, straightforward stance on death. Very warmly recommended.

2019: First to Worst (Documentary)