The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas ★★½

Viewed objectively, this is a very bad, very dumb movie. I've gone soft and senile in fatherhood and thus found myself stupidly amused by it. Vanessa Hudgens remains a charming, charismatic lead for this sort of bland, harmless material. The concept is cute enough (a 14th century knight teleports to the future and falls in love). There's a part of me that wants to starting quibbling over Sir Cole's fast acclimation to the present day, his dialect, and his lack of awe or wonder about basically any new modern magic, but, well, if I chose to watch this sort of movie with that sort of critical eye I'd really be asking to suffer. It's better than the average Hallmark movie and the sort of pleasant background noise that's perfect for decorating the tree or with a few glasses of mulled wine.

2019: First to Worst

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