Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

Second viewing in two weeks shows you how much I love this film. I do not normally watch the same movie in such a short time span but this one convinced me to do so.

The second time around lets you pick up on many of the things you missed or misunderstood in the first viewing, from what Kaufman intended for his audience to pick up. And after watching YMS's analysis of this film makes you appreciate the effort and detail Kaufman put in into this.

Philip Seymour Hoffman still makes me feel with his performance here. And by the two hour or so screening time is complete, my feelings are completely engrossed with misery purely living through Caden's life as a sort of voyeuristic bystander.

It's a beautiful film that I might say a masterpiece. View my previous review for my extended thoughts on this film, as all I can say right now is that I absolutely adore it, happily welcoming it into my favourite films list of all time.

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