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  • Pain and Glory

    Pain and Glory


    This film is beautiful. Pain and Glory is an aesthetically pleasurable, intelligent and humorous movie about an ageing film director in a slump of depression, reflecting on the choices he’s made throughout his life.

    Banderas’ performance is spectacular, him and Almodóvar make the perfect duo. This movies dualism is consistent throughout. The film revolves around Salvador’s relationships with people from the past and present. His relationship with his mother specifically is particularly significant and very heart-warming.

    Right up there with the best films I’ve seen this year. I absolutely loved every minute of ‘Pain and Glory’.

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Céline Sciamma can do no wrong. This film is an absolute masterpiece. Perfectly directed and beautifully scripted. 

    Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel deliver two of the best performances I have ever seen and that is no exaggeration. The chemistry between them is phenomenal.

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  • Bob le Flambeur

    Bob le Flambeur


    My first Jean-Pierre Melville film is this absolute powerhouse. No cinemas, no problem. As the world is on lockdown I figured it’d be a great opportunity to finally start watching Melville’s filmography. One that has alluded me for no reason other than my amateurish antics and lack of initiative. Now however, with all this free time, there is no excuse.

    A stylish crime noir film that helped commence the French New Wave can boast a compelling narrative and engaging characters. Topped off by a unique, unconventional ending that really cemented this film among the best of the heist film sub-genre. Loved it.

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    A modern, bland, simple satire with a regurgitated Battle Royale theme. Mediocre. Enjoyed some of the performances though.

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  • Joker



    Wow. Joaquin Mother-F**king Phoenix. What a perfect performance. When he’s handed his Oscar, announce him as Joker. He was utterly superb.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Genuinely surprised me how good this film was. It maintained its ambiguity till the end and as long as you’re on board with the possibility that this man has turned himself invisible, you’ve got an solid horror movie.

    The film sustains an eerie vibe throughout with block scenes, framing shots on multiple occasions with nobody in them which produced a sinister atmosphere I found amusing.