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  • The Boogey Man

    The Boogey Man

    It’s the night of ‘what could’ve been’! The Boogey Man ’could’ve been’ a solid slasher like Silent Night, Deadly Night, instead it’s a slow, plodding, dull, silly supernatural horror. The clear as day set-up for Willy as a slasher villain takes an unnecessary turn into, yawn, “vague evil entity” territory, because why bother with entertaining conventions. Subverting expectations In the worst way 🙌🏻  Even the kill scenes are boring and edited poorly. It’s got a pretty good synth score but…

  • Scalpel


    The tone of Scalpel is all over the place, Romance? Comedy? Horror? It’s a jumbled mess that doesn’t excel at anything. All the characters are uncaring detached cartoons who don’t react or behave in any rational way. Who would be accepting of having their face turned into someone they aren’t? Why would anyone do any decision in this movie? The dialogue is atrocious stereotypical drivel that belongs on an episode Dukes of Hazard. I felt like an alien watching it because…

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  • Joker



    It’s fantastically directed by Todd Phillips and one of the most unflinchingly dark and emotionally raw comic book movies. Taxi Driver is an obvious influence but I’d compare it more to One Hour Photo and the Maniac remake. The only complaints I’m seeing is people are taking the societal implications at face value which is an unfair criticism that undermines and under appreciates the level of film making, cinematography, emotionally resonate score and phenomenal acting.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    Avengers: Endgame doesn’t feel like a whimper but a last powerful hurrah of the best Marvel has done. Yes, it’s a more sombre and slow build of a movie but it’s not without it’s great humour, surprises and ample suspense. Twists and risks happen in this movie that you’re either on board for or you’re not. Personally I found it refreshing to not rush through important arcs for more spectacle, I liked how it gave almost each character their nessessary…