📼 Justin 🩸 Landsman 📼

📼 Justin 🩸 Landsman 📼


I am an Eldritch Abomination.

They/Them | Horror Screenwriter/Filmmaker

(Favorites Vary)

Favorite films

  • Messiah of Evil
  • Patlabor 2: The Movie
  • Belly
  • The Blair Witch Project

Recent activity

  • The Dark Crystal

  • Planet of the Apes

  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

  • Evil Dead Rise

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  • Invaders From Within!

    Invaders From Within!

    Invaders From Within!

    It will make your ears ring and your skin crawl.

    Invaders From Within! is my senior BFA thesis film and the culmination of everything I have learned so far as a horror screenwriter/filmmaker. I am hosting this campaign to help raise the necessary funds to make this personal dream of a film a reality.

    Invaders From Within! is a Gothic Folk horror film shot on S16mm that depicts an indecipherable infection so enigmatically horrifying. The story…

  • The Five Fingers of a Dog

    The Five Fingers of a Dog

    “I don’t know why anybody does anything, nobody really does. I suppose some people just like to drink blood.”

    Charlie and I are both lifetime lovers of everything horror. In order to breathe new life into the nearly bygone giallo sub-genre, we wanted to imbue it with a high level of authenticity while also pushing it forward in new and exciting ways. The Five Fingers of a Dog is not just a throwback film nor an attempt to “elevate” something that…

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