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This review may contain spoilers.

this was sooooooooo good oh my god !! what were some people on when they watched this and immediately decided to hate it?! it’s easily one of the best marvel movies and it absolutely without a doubt has some of the best fight sequences in any marvel movie ever. and the characters… 
it’s funny how out of all the marvel movies this one has the most humanity, feels the most human, and the main characters aren’t even technically human…

the only negative i can think of is that the pacing is kinda not working sometimes and because of that some scenes feel too sudden or don’t really fit and make it all feel a bit awkward. also the ending felt a but rushed, the shot of the celestial talking to some of the eternals about earth’s fate was so so good but ended too early imo! also i felt like it kind of lacked more character development for the eternals, but it also kinda fit them, so it turned out as not that much of a problem in the end. but other than that this movie genuinely surprised me, i wasn’t expecting to love it this much!

it has absolutely stunning cinematography, so the visuals were beautiful to look at. i also loved the story and how it changes the way we think about the entire mcu. now, the strongest aspect of this were the characters and the fight/battle sequences for sure.

the characters had such great chemistry and it was a joy to watch them just talk to each other, show off their powers, and overall just exist lol. even while watching this i immediately thought about how i want to see all of them again as soon as possible. makkari is easily one of my most favorite mcu characters atm. and all the actors were great too!!

this had some of the best fight scenes i’ve ever seen in any marvel movie, not gonna lie. especially the scene in which makkari goes against ikaris, it was spectacular and such a cool way to show what a speedster can do with such awesome powers!! 
another absolutely amazing scene that was very impactful imo, was the scene where druig expressed his feelings about letting people kill each other without interfering, it was such a powerful scene!

there’s so much i could say about this, and it definitely isn’t perfect, but i also think it doesn’t deserve all the hate and negative reviews AT ALL and is actually very very underrated. i loved this, enjoyed every second and can’t wait to see the eternals return !!

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