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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

(‘this is so sexy’ literally my first thought during the first 30 minutes lmao)

anyway, this was SO incredible!! my expectations were suuuper high and it managed to exceed all of them!

also not trying to sound like some smartass but turns out i really am the smartest member of my whole family because i was the only one who understood the plot lol.

i can’t even find the words to express how incredible this movie is when it comes to the attention to detail. the way they use sound, dialogue sounding backwards, all these clues that you find only on the second watch (for example when you actually meet neil for the first time at the opera - thanks to my mom who rewatched it with me for pointing it out), the cinematography, the characters and the character development of some of them. so so amazing!! also the quick tempo never stopping!

i have so so SO much respect for christopher nolan for making these type of films, he seriously never disappoints and no one out there does it like him.
i’ve never seen a movie like this one and i dont think i’ll see something like this anytime soon.

also wanna add that both john david washington and robert pattinson were absolutely incredible! their chemistry was great, their characters had a lot of charisma and they made the movie even more enjoyable.

gonna rewatch this asap, because i wanna find more cool details and also hear the awesome score again!!

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