Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

Mulholland Drive appears to be playing with the idea of dreams intersecting reality more than any other film in David Lynch's career. It's an uncanny fushion of mystery, noir and satire; constantly shifting thanks to the abstracted mood crafted. It incorporates Lynch's usual thematic elements of self-identity and obsession, but it seems to act more as a critique of Hollywood itself; about the bizarre people who control the industry while remaining unseen and how those who venture there in pursuit of their dreams often find themselves trapped in a nightmare. The ominous atmosphere is powerful throughout, adding an unsettling undercurrent to every scene (and leading to one of the best jump scares I can remember). Naomi Watts and Laura Harring give excellent performances here, both conveying a variety of emotions and personality traits very convincingly.

Although I do think this is a very good film, I'm not sure why it's considered Lynch's magnum opus. Learning it was originally made for TV makes a lot of sense because it feels oddly loose at points, even for Lynch. The first hour in particular is a little too scatterbrained. Still, I do find this to be quite an absorbing piece once it's in full flow. There's plenty to unravel when all is said and done.

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