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  • Waterworld



    I really really wanted to like this movie. For me in particular, when a lot of mainstream audiences dislike something, nine times out of ten I will enjoy it. But unfortunately this was one of those times. I really feel like water is a universal element, we as humans come from water at some point in our lives and it just seems so natural. But what would happen if something forced our lives to change and we were forced to…

  • 1922



    This is a really bizarre one, I want to preface this by saying it does not follow the standard "Stephen King" formula. It denies all of the standard tropes, and it does its own thing and honestly I like that a lot. This movie does a fantastic job with the setting. I believe 100% that I am in the roaring 20's. Things are not always as they seem. It really is a post-modern "pseudo-past" retelling of "Tale of the Tell…

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  • The Ant Bully

    The Ant Bully


    Its sad when you see a movie with a lot of potential. Its a classic story of learning through living your life in someones elses shoes. Its kid friendly with a positive message to boot. But watching through this movie, I feel a sense of emptiness. Its awkward, clumsy, and strange in all the wrong places. The voice actors attempt their best with the character motifs that have been given to them, but instead of charming it just feels lacking.…

  • Compulsion



    After sifting through some "Classic" movies on netflix, I stumbled upon this one. I love court case dramas, and I was interested to see that the great "Orson Welles" was in this one. Naturally I had to check it out, and what I found was quite perplexing.
    I want to say first off, is that this movie had a very natural and easy going flow to it. It all seemed to move with a very swift motion. It looked incredible…