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  • Love Me Deadly

    Love Me Deadly


    This is one of those movies that actually thoroughly surprised me in terms of entertainment. It starts off so chilling, the atmosphere really is hitting all of the right spots. It remains unnerving, like something just isn't quite right. The beginning even transitions into a pretty decent song that sets the whole mood and tone for the movie itself. I really gotta give "Love Me Deadly" credit there for that. I must say it runs at somewhat of a slow…

  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    I have to admit, upon my first viewing I didn't understand this movie at all. From seeing the trailer alone, I was completely perplexed. The most important part of this movie is that you really cannot predict this as a whole, it is not your stereotypical cookie cutter movie. This isn't really a Hollywood production pumped out to make a quick buck. It is a passion project. This film is your classic feel good film, its uplifting but dark and…

Popular reviews

  • Compulsion



    After sifting through some "Classic" movies on netflix, I stumbled upon this one. I love court case dramas, and I was interested to see that the great "Orson Welles" was in this one. Naturally I had to check it out, and what I found was quite perplexing.
    I want to say first off, is that this movie had a very natural and easy going flow to it. It all seemed to move with a very swift motion. It looked incredible…

  • Red Heat

    Red Heat


    Its clunky, flawed, and bland. But it has its moments. A buddy cop movie staring Schwarzenegger himself was enough to captivate me. But seeing him act as a soulless Russian cop just left me completely confused. Schwarzenegger has a lot of charm when he acts, he is cliche, simple, and entertaining. To sum it up, he is your "everyman" just on steroids. We rely on him to deliver us over the top scenes, with those witty one liners. But in…