• Love, Death & Robots: Three Robots: Exit Strategies

    Love, Death & Robots: Three Robots: Exit Strategies


    ...humans were snackish...

    The three robots from season one have a sightseeing tour visiting the last human refuge shelters, finding only corpses.
    A little light dark humor, a littel foreshadowing our future, nothing too wild but okay.

    Have A Quickie?!

  • The Intouchables

    The Intouchables


    Comparing this french original to the younger american remake The Upside, especially the good acting by Cluzet and Sy stands out, plainly outperforming the work by Cranston and Hart.
    These sympathetic characters made the rather incredible 'true story' really enjoyable and created a young french fim classic.

  • On War

    On War


    Spending a night in a closed coffin. Entering a countryside cult dancing transcendentally in the forest under many mirror shards dangling in the trees. Conducting war against the innocent air. Again and again talking profound nonsense. Finding ecstasy by being completely apathetic. And apparently all of this is possible without taking drugs.
    Is it a dream or pure insanity? Who can tell? I certainly can't.

    Is Art an Option?

  • The Mystery of Henri Pick

    The Mystery of Henri Pick


    In Der geheime Roman des Monsieur Pick wird eine etwas andere Detektivgeschichte erzählt, in der es erfrischenderweise mal nicht um die Aufdeckung eines Verbrechens geht. Die doch recht simple Story wird durch den angenehm leichten Erzählstil und gute Darsteller aufgewertet und so entfacht der Film, ähnlich wie das kleine Mysterium innerhalb der Handlung, einen gewissen Zauber.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    What appears as a three hours lasting orgy, actually is supposed to be the film version of the memoirs by Jordan Belfort, a notorious former stock broker and cocain-out-of-orifices-sniffer.
    Everytime watching this, I wonder, how much of it can be utter exaggeration. However, DiCaprio embodied this rampant narcissistic egomaniac in such a convincing way, that I tend to believe the whole story of nonsense. It's certainly a very chequered film.

    My Untouchables

  • Our Father

    Our Father

    This very emotionalised documentary fails to express the victims' big dilemma. On the one hand, the revelation of the doctor's fatherhood did much damage to his biological daughters and sons manifesting in identity loss and certainly broken homes. On the other hand, if he hadn't done so, all those people would never have been existed.

  • Senior Year

    Senior Year


    ...they pronounce their Rs...

    Netflix's late answer to 13 Going on 30 is nothing more than a nonstarter. Trying to be wild, Rebel Wilson appears clichéd and staid instead.

    Streamingware of 2022

  • Jackass: The Movie

    Jackass: The Movie

    As a teenager, this was the hottest TV show, everybody was talking about (at least every boy from 12 to 16 years of age). So did I.
    Today however, I tend to look away at most stunts and jokes. I have just outgrown it, I'm getting old.

  • Alice and the Mayor

    Alice and the Mayor


    Anaïs Demoustier usually radiates a very pleasant combination of calm but curious bearing, allways demonstrating sophisticated knowledge but on the other hand never worrying of appearing naive. To be honest, I adore her for this very likable way of embodying her characters.
    Here, she meets a similarly good Fabrice Luchini. The story is rather slow, but it's lightly mocking the bureaucrats' work habits. Especially, I liked, that my terrible idea of the likewise terrible term 'Think Tank' is confirmed in its purposelessness.

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    Apparently, Mark isn't the mountain of sugar, that his surname promises. At least this movie manages to portray him as someone, who (out of really no reason) is finally termed as "no bad guy" but actually the character is very unlikeable. Eduardo Saverin is said to have been the main source for the script writer Aaron Sorkin. And this is my main problem with the story. It seems to show his point of view on the events about the facebook…

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    This satire draws a cold and sterile picture of the sophisticated, young, suit-wearing manager type. Bale's terrific acting and the dark humor are the film's main benefits and I was thankful for the final room for interpretation. However, in total, following an egomaniacal, emotionless,narcissistic character is no pleasure.

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Es war mal wieder an der Zeit, einen Klassiker von meiner endlosen Liste der nachzuholenden Filme anzusehen.
    Atmosphärisch hat mir Stanley Kubrick's The Shining von der ersten Minute gefallen. Das Setting des abgelegenen und später einsamen und eingeschneiten Hotel-Palastes wirkt allein schon gruselig. Die einprägsamen Sequenzen, in denen Danny auf seinem Dreirad durch die langen Korridore fährt, während kreischend hohe Töne darauf aufmerksam machen, dass hinter jeder der zahllosen Türen ein Unheil drohen könnte, kreieren auf einfachste Weise eine zum…