Red Notice

Red Notice ★½

As I've mentioned before, my fiancé and I have quite differing preferences when it comes to film, although we do overlap from time to time.

To 'keep bae happy' I suggested we watch Red Notice, knowing full well that I'd undoubtedly find it quite a tedious experience. I wasn't wrong, and sadly he didn't enjoy it much either.

As some of Film Twitter have very eloquently deduced, Red Notice is a film that spent its whopping budget on its stars and visual effects rather than a solid story and exciting script.

Dwayne Johnson is miscast, Ryan Reynolds is in danger of being typecast forever, and genuine laughs are few and far between.

Excess and opulence are the orders of the day and you have countless exotic locations, a middle-aged arms dealer with a ridiculous British accent that makes him sound like he's 90-years-old, and thieves who are not only good at stealing but who are also kickass fighters, know how to fly a helicopter and can hack into Interpol systems.

After enjoying Johnson in the Jumanji remakes and Reynolds in Free Guy, this is a blot in both their markers. As for Gal Gadot, well, she was actually the only enjoyable element in the film, but even then that was on the more superficial and fun level without any true depth.

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