Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★½

Finally getting around to reviewing this!
Perhaps it’s just the result of not having had big, dumb blockbusters in so long, or perhaps it really just is that fun; whatever the explanation, I had lots of fun with Godzilla vs. Kong despite its obvious limitations. Clocking in under two hours even with the end credits factored in, Godzilla vs. Kong mostly avoids the franchise-building padding one might expect from a crossover film and instead cuts to action pretty quickly and consistently, and it delivers fun sequences that capitalize upon the potential of watching two well-known movie monsters duke it out. The plot is decidedly simple and the stakes don’t feel as high as they perhaps should, but the film’s simple focus is ultimately part of its charm, and it keeps the proceedings moving at a quick clip. The human characters, while not exactly models of character development, are also surprisingly fun to watch. There are some genuinely affecting moments in the Kong storyline, which gets quite a bit of mileage from a committed performance by Rebecca Hall, and the comedic beats with Brian Tyree Hill, Millie Bobby Brown, and Julian Dennison are consistently amusing. Godzilla vs. Kong is a film of simple pleasures, and it works as the kind of dumb but eminently enjoyable popcorn fluff I’ve missed in the time where theaters were shuttered.