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  • Miner's Mountain

    Miner's Mountain


    When strange deaths occur at Miner's Mountain, the local sheriff falls under suspicion. Yet while he claims innocence, there is something he isn't telling.

    Damn, there are some truly classy short films out there, and Miner's Mountain is certainly one of them! A sweet backwoods creepy horror, perfect for my mood at the moment - I've been getting into the podcast Old Gods of Appalachia lately, which is great, and I highly recommend it. Miner's Mountain provided much of that…

  • The Good Samaritans

    The Good Samaritans


    A girl sits alone in her carriage, as two highway robbers accost her. This will not end well.

    After watching The Mayflower just now, I thought Goodman Films (the maker of both these shorts) sounded familiar, and after checking out his (theirs?) I found out why. He's also behind two great shorts I've seen in the past, Blight (a sweet Lovecraftian horror similar to The Colour out of Space) and Fool's Errand (lovely mummy horror!), as well as the more…

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  • The Call of Cthulhu

    The Call of Cthulhu


    If anyone would be able to properly get a H.P. Lovecraft story translated to the silver screen, it would of course be the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.
    Having worked for so long with his stories in different ways such as role-playing, music making, radio drama and more, no other group of people could have a better foundation to build upon than these guys, led by Andrew Leman and Sean Branney.

    Taking the story back to when it was originally published,…

  • Hunting Season

    Hunting Season


    A divorced mom wants to, but can't give her son his only birthday wish, a dog.
    Her friend sells dogs, and is strongly contemplating cheating on her husband.
    The dad's new, young girlfriend, wants to buy the dog as well. She also helps set the friend up with a guy to cheat with.

    I suppose the idea was; "Hilarity ensues!"
    Well, it didn't. I believe I managed to muster a single snort of enjoyment through this entirely bewildering (see what…