Miner's Mountain ★★★★

When strange deaths occur at Miner's Mountain, the local sheriff falls under suspicion. Yet while he claims innocence, there is something he isn't telling.

Damn, there are some truly classy short films out there, and Miner's Mountain is certainly one of them! A sweet backwoods creepy horror, perfect for my mood at the moment - I've been getting into the podcast Old Gods of Appalachia lately, which is great, and I highly recommend it. Miner's Mountain provided much of that same feeling and atmosphere, and coupled it with a gripping mystery where not too much is revealed, and a lovely look, giving me throwbacks of Lovecraft and Silent Hill, that sort of thing.

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out on the director's Youtube channel here - I'm sure I'll keep my eyes open for more from this guy!

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