The Good Samaritans ★★★★

A girl sits alone in her carriage, as two highway robbers accost her. This will not end well.

After watching The Mayflower just now, I thought Goodman Films (the maker of both these shorts) sounded familiar, and after checking out his (theirs?) I found out why. He's also behind two great shorts I've seen in the past, Blight (a sweet Lovecraftian horror similar to The Colour out of Space) and Fool's Errand (lovely mummy horror!), as well as the more recent Black Ice, which I saw a few days ago. That one's not available for reviewing here for some reason, but that's alright, we'll just stick to the film at hand, shan't we?

The Good Samaritans is a great looking short classic horror film, drawing inspiration from the old Hammer classics, and doing a great job in evoking that same wonderful atmosphere. It's truly amazing the look this guy can make on what I can only assume is a fairly low budget - you wouldn't know it from looking at this though.

The good Goodman clearly has a good grasp both on creating look, atmosphere, and a gripping little tale, and as I mentioned in The Mayflower review, I sure would love to see him helm a full length feature in the future.
Until that happens, check out this, and his other shorts, on Youtube:

(edit: I can't believe I'm the only one so far to review this here! C'mon, get going, people!)