The Mayflower ★★★

An engineer on the space shuttle The Mayflower wakes up suddenly at the control desk of the ship. The ship computer tells him that he's been woken out of cryo-sleep to investigate a possible hull breach, and that he found nothing out of the ordinary. But why does he have such gruesome dreams and flashes+ Is everything aboard really the way it should be?

The Mayflower was a nice sci-fi horror short, which is available to watch on Youtube. It's simple and of course there hasn't been a great budget to make it, but it's still well done in it's simplicity.
The filming and effects are very good and gory, with inspiration gathered from Event Horizon no doubt, without looking like a copy in any way. I really liked it, and wouldn't mind a more fleshed out version - it was a bit short and straight to the point, which is my one big grievance.

Here's the link to the Youtube upload:

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