• The Remains of the Day

    The Remains of the Day


    An American buys an old English manor, and with it comes the old butler.
    Being understaffed for the immediate future, the old butler reaches out to an old acquaintance for help, and this brings him down memory lane of days and ages past.

    I guess you want to be careful what leg you catch this movie on. Everyone in it is very repressed, typical English stiff upper lip stuff. The story takes place in great, turbulent times, but it doesn't…

  • The Man Who Thought Life

    The Man Who Thought Life


    A brain surgeon is called to look into a new patient, that has been brought in after some unruly behaviour.
    Now the patient is quite calm and collected however, and he poses a very odd proposition to the good doctor - give me an operation off the books, or I'll ruin your life.

    Manden der tænkte ting is something as odd as an old Danish sci-fi film. No, not the Star Wars or Star Trek kind, this is much more…

  • RBG



    Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a.k.a. Notorious RBG, was a lawyer, jurist, and held a position of supreme court judge for a massive 27 years.
    In her time, she worked hard to promote equal rights, primarily in cases regarding female rights to equality.

    This documentary, made while BRG was still alive, portrays her both as a person and a professional. Being very much the professional in her life, she still comes off as such a sweet lady, and the interviews with her…

  • Underwater



    An accident occurs on an underwater drill platform, leaving only a handful of survivors who must struggle against cold, dark depths and whatever lurks in them to get to a remote building, which may hold their salvation.

    Underwater is a tight, claustrophobic underwater thriller/horror film.
    It doesn't waste time, as within the first few minutes, we are in the middle of a catastrophe, and we have to pick up bits and pieces of who the characters are, as they run…

  • Abortion Helpline, This Is Lisa

    Abortion Helpline, This Is Lisa


    In the US, women aren't allowed to use their medicare and similar, to help pay for abortions.
    From personal donations of private citizens, the Abortion Helpline try and help fund the procedure for some of these women - some, because fundings are highly limited.

    This documentary helps raise awareness of an absolutely terrible state of affairs in "the land of the free" - that an old white man has been allowed to decide that women aren't allowed to have financial…

  • Seeing Allred

    Seeing Allred


    Gloria Allred, attorney, is a prolific equal rights spokesperson, who's high profile clients as well as constant media attention, has rubbed many of her opponents the wrong way.
    Is she truly all in it for the fight, or is she just dazzled by the limelight and fame?

    I must admit, when this documentary was suggested to me, I had to stop up and think; "Who's Gloria Allred?"
    Turns out, probably because I rarely follow news stories, I hadn't had much…

  • Cthulhu Mansion

    Cthulhu Mansion

    A bunch of hoodlums hitch a ride with a magician at a carnival to avoid being caught by security. Little did they know, that security was the one thing they'd sorely need at the end of this ride.

    Ow. Maj. Gawd.
    This was so bad! I mean, I didn't exactly expect it to be a 10/10, but I hoped for at least a bit of entertainment, but NO!
    What I got was a slow, slow spectacle (those 1.5 hours felt…

  • In Love & War

    In Love & War


    Esben and Jes are two Jutlanders in the German occupied part of the country during WWI. After a devastating battle in France, they are allowed to return home to their families, but things aren't quite as they left them.

    I Krig og Kærlighed has some exceptionally beautiful shots, full of atmosphere and awesomeness.
    And that's the only good thing I can say about this film.

    No, wait, it is also an interesting time and place, and one that's rarely covered…

  • Stucco



    A woman has just moved into a new place on her own, after leaving an abusive relationship.
    This past has left her too afraid to even step outside the door, but after finding a fake wall she knew nothing about, she soon finds that maybe there's something equally or more scary inside the new house.

    Stucco was a YouTube recommendation, that I took up on a whim, knowing nothing about it.
    And I'll come right out and say it, I…

  • The Lawnmower Man

    The Lawnmower Man


    When a lazy man's lawnmower help leaves for college, he is desperate to find new help instead of doing the work himself. what he finds though, isn't quite what he expected.

    Bearing in mind, that this is an undergraduate student project from the mid '80ies, this 12 minute short is actually quite effective. While both are based on the Stephen King story of the same name, this doesn't resemble the later CGI monster that is more widely known.

    It starts…

  • City of Scars

    City of Scars


    After The Joker escapes Arkham Sanitarium, Batman is on a tight mission to find and stop him before he can get up to his usual mischief. However, when The Joker kills two parents and kidnaps their son, his actions hit a little too close to home for Batman to bear.

    Batman: City of Scars is another production from Bat in the Sun, who also made Batman: Dying is Easy. City of Scars is almost ten years older than Dying is…

  • Dying is Easy

    Dying is Easy


    As The Joker learns that he is dying shortly, he calls for Batman to make one final, dark deal.

    Batman: Dying is Easy is a non-profit short, and thus not part of the official canon.
    Given that, it is impressive what writer/directors Aaron and Sean Schoenke has managed to pull together. B:DiE has a great look for instance. Sure, you can tell that some of the CGI and greenscreen work doesn't blend perfectly, but given the no budget status of…