Taxi Driver

In showing someone unfamiliar with a favorite movie of yours, you can come as close to possibly “rediscovering” that movie as you try to empathize how what you’re both watching on the screen is meeting this new viewer’s eyes. I was so happy to show this to my love because she did not grow up reading empire magazines and scanning through IMDb and studying the lore of “da great movies”, etc. I first watched this movie one of those adult swim-binging nights I think in the summer between 7th & 8th grade, and I already knew about the Mohawk and the famous finger gun to the temple-shot. Not only that, of course the full message of the movie didn’t occur to me in those first few viewings on my teenage mind. It was a joy to rewatch this and still remember so many of those lines (“anytiiiime, anywhere”) but also just let it somewhat newly wash over again.
Also the scene where Marty plays the guy in the cab stalking his wife... kept thinking of Mikey Miles lol

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