6 Years

6 Years ★★★★★

Nr 29 on All Films I Saw 2015 (Ranked)

My wife and I watched this excellent relationship drama, by new favourite director Hannah Fidell and ended up in a very interesting discussion after the movie ended. She passed her judgment depending on one scene where she thought one of the main characters acted in a way that was not believable. I strongly disagreed and argued that she didn't like the way she acted, but that that had nothing to do with credibility or not. As the film effected her so strongly it took me about 45 minutes to convince her that it wasn't the movie that was flawed, but her strong views on the subject that didn't allow her to admit that there are people in this world that would react in a different way. I also argued that the reason we even had the discussion to begin with was because Fidell crafted her film in a non judgemental way, not taking sides with her characters and putting a great deal of effort into making them grey, rather than black or white.

That being said, I'm sure you already understand that this is a movie that deals with universal subjects in a very engaging way. The story about a couple, that after having been together for several years (for some reason I've stumbled upon this theme a number of times lately) is confronted with small problems that escalates due to emotional reactions, is identifiable to everyone who has ever been in a relationship. Jealousy, tolerance, sacrifices and ability to compromise are themes that repeatedly is dealt with.

As I understand Fidell had no script, but an idea of what she wanted to portray, and every scene is filmed with thorough instructions on what to achieve, but meagre directions on how to do it, which makes 6 Years a very authentic experience.

This is post-mumblecore at its finest and this movie inspired me to find out more from Fidell and more from actress Taisa Farming, who is perhaps the best in the cast. Somewhat of a masterpiece.

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