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  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water


    A seemingly simple (and surprisingly funny) neo-western on the surface that proves to be much more the longer you scratch at it.

  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    At 2 1/2 hours, there is a lot to The Wailing: crazy tonal shifts as only Korean cinema can swing, a sense of dread as feral as its monsters, and a flagrant disregard for anything resembling genre convention. Offering no clues as to what comes next it gleefully pushes you headlong into the nightmare.

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  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim


    Not all good movies need to make you think. Some just need to thrill to the effect of childish glee. Pacific Rim does that... and it does that a lot.

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    Ryan Gosling plays a walking Oedipal complex stuck between morality (God/Chang) and loyalty (the Devil/his mother). Drawing heavily on the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky (to whom the film is dedicated), Gaspar Noé, and Stanley Kubrick; Only God Forgives is Refn's misunderstood masterpiece that turns the arthouse into a madhouse. I loved it.