Tenet ★★★½


as some of u know, i study astronomy and physics (albeit astrophysics). and i promise you i still have no idea how to explain this film. but thankfully, this is a spoiler free review. so there’s not much explaining esp when it’s a nolan movie and i have no idea what i just saw. what i do know is i enjoyed it. and was, in some parts, confused by its choices.

 i watched it in dolby theaters for extra sound and it did not disappoint. my seat was literally VIBRATING from the sounds. immediately, the opening scene struck me and the music was PHENOMENAL. even though i love Göransson i was a bit worried of what a Nolan film would be like without Zimmer’s touch on the soundtrack but Göransson did NOT disappoint. the concept by itself interested me a lot from the get go as i love cerebral type messing with physics films (shout out to primer). the fight scenes (especially the inverted ones) were extremely well done and i’m glad they took the time to explain it as the science part made more sense to me as opposed to just watching WHAT THE HELL is going on. 

but, like i said, i was confused with it’s choices. like my good friend @nosobody pointed out in his own review: why is this films theme “don’t think about it, feel it” when it has no emotional core? and we know very well nolan can mesh sci-fi with feelings, Interstellar and Inception can vouch for that. i appreciated the film much more in a mind melting way but not an emotional way. i mean, the main character doesn’t even have a name. which is fine, unless you’re trying to get the audience to feel for/with the characters. 

another problem i couldn’t ignore was the sound mixing. it was hard to hear what characters were saying (especially when characters have to wear masks which are the most crucial moments) and at times i didn’t mind it just cause i love how the loudness made me feel but when the film carries so much exposition, you’d need more crystal clear hearing. 

the plot was convoluted but that was expected but I think I more or less 
got the grasp on and will continue to do so with some rewatches.
overall, it’s extremely enjoyable and a fantastic theatric experience but perhaps it could’ve used some different themes and clearer dialogue. or maybe i’m just a dumb dude who knows?

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