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  • Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Yankee Doodle Dandy


    "My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you."

    Yankee Doodle Dandy is one of Hollywood's finest musicals. James Cagney is a natural. Born with a quick brilliant mind and a compact agile body. This legendary actor, dancer and singer couldn't help, but become an instant movie star sensation. His old films today are just as fresh and vibrant as they were nearly a century ago.

    This is a biographical interpretation of the…

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    "Prejudice always obscures the truth."

    12 Angry Men is an outstanding film. It's proof that for a film to be great, it does not need extensive scenery, elaborate costumes or expensive special effects, just superlative acting.

    The "12 Angry Men" are the twelve jurors of a murder case. An eighteen-year-old boy from a slum background is accused of stabbing his father to death and faces the electric chair if convicted. Eleven of the men believe the boy to be guilty,…

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

    To Kill a Mockingbird


    "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."

    To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the finest stories ever put on film. This film needs to be seen by the young, to open their hearts to humanity and their standards for their own personal character, for the rest of their lives.

    The film is presented like a play in three acts. It's also…

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment


    "That's the way it crumbles, cookie-wise."

    The Apartment is my all time favorite romantic comedy film and it's one of the finest examples of smart, satiric comedy-drama ever created for the screen.

    The film is beautifully directed by Billy Wilder, acted brilliantly by Calvin Clifford (C.C.) "Bud" Baxter(Jack Lemmon), Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine), Jeff D. Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray), Joe Dobisch (Ray Walston), Dr. David Dreyfuss (Jack Kruschen), Al Kirkeby (David Lewis), Miss Olsen (Edie Adams), Mrs. Margie MacDougall (Hope Holiday),…

  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot


    "Well, nobody's perfect."

    Some Like It Hot is my all time favorite comedy film, with Billy Wilder's steady direction, the great casting and Billy Wilder/I. A. L. Diamond sparkling script, "Some Like It Hot" has become one of the most enjoyed comedies of cinema history.

    The film is brilliant, perfectly performed, written and shot. The contrasts and extremes are what make the film so outstanding. The film is a wonderful combination of comedy, action, suspense and romance with great old-time…

  • Witness for the Prosecution

    Witness for the Prosecution


    "I'll give ya somethin' to dream about, Mister. Wanna kiss me, ducky?"

    Witness for the Prosecution is one of the best trial films ever made. It's an outstanding film that is just as good today as it was when it was released in theaters. The shocking ending caused quite a stir back then, too. It's a brilliant film adaptation of Agatha Christie's murder mystery and Billy Wilder produces another masterpiece.

    Based on Agatha Christie's successful 1953 play, "Witness for the…

  • Judgment at Nuremberg

    Judgment at Nuremberg


    "It's not the killing that's the problem. It's disposing of all the bodies that's the problem."

    Judgment at Nuremberg is a film that is well written and directed. It's film with incredible actors, who give stellar performances and most of all, a film that assures preservation of that era's historic significance, with a political and social message that has enduring value.

    Judgment at Nuremberg is a dramatization of one of the many real life post WWII Nuremberg trials of high…

  • Wait Until Dark

    Wait Until Dark


    "Mr. Roat, are you looking at me?"

    Wait Until Dark is a terrific thriller. The film contains tension, thriller, drama, mystery and shocks, including scares with tense terror sequences, especially in its final part.

    Most of the drama is played out in Susy Hendrix (Audrey Hepburn) apartment in New York. There is an outstanding development when Susy Hendrix is alone with her telephone cord cut and awaiting the return of the gang: Roat/Harry Roat Jr./Harry Roat Sr. (Alan Arkin), Mike…

  • Two for the Road

    Two for the Road


    "Just because you use a silencer doesn't mean you're not a sniper."

    Two for the Road is a classic romantic comedy. The film offers one of the most effective music scores Henry Mancini ever wrote. His music fits perfectly with the action and this film is a perfect example of how Henry Mancini made everything look so easy with his compositions.

    The film follows Joanna 'Jo' Wallace (Audrey Hepburn) and Mark Wallace (Albert Finney), who meet on the road while…

  • Charade



    "How about making me vice president in charge of cheering you up?"

    Charade is superbly written, ably directed, brilliantly acted thorough escapism involving thugs killing each other, multiple false identities and the delights of Paris in the 1960s.

    It's a rare philately in which Brian Cruikshank (alias Peter Joshua, Alexander Dyle and Adam Canfield) (Cary Grant) and Regina "Reggie" Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) charm the best heavies in film Carson Dyle (alias Hamilton Bartholomew) (Walter Matthau), Tex Panthollow (James Coburn) and…

  • Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Breakfast at Tiffany's


    🎶Moon River...🎶

    Breakfast at Tiffany's is the wondrous film that created Audrey Hepburn's enduring and iconic image: The sublime Givenchy gown, the oversized sunglasses, the glamorous streaked updo, her own yards and yards of sophistication and chic. Some films you can watch a thousand times and always find some new great scene, dialogue, something or someone great in the background. It's that kind of film.

    The film is about a young and elegantly dressed lady named Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn),…

  • Sabrina



    "Certain songs bring back sudden memories to me, too."

    Sabrina is a magical sophisticated film. It's a romantic comedy, it's funny, sophisticated and moving, with beautiful production values, a delightful script and sparkling performances. Billy Wilder's direction is great, while the story is clever and engaging.

    Billy Wilder, a genius when it came to adapting films from another medium, teamed up with Samuel Taylor, who wrote the play, "Sabrina's Fair" and Ernest Lehman, to create a a delightful comedy that…