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  • Batman: Gotham Knight

    Batman: Gotham Knight


    Some of this works, a whole lot of it doesn't, Get rid of the first 15-20 minutes and this works a lot better and tighter.

    It's still neat as an oddity though.

  • JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

    JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time


    This flies by which is good considering it's just under an hour long. Minimal Batman again but eh it's a neat little idea.

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  • Skin Trade

    Skin Trade


    On the one hand, it's a little bit uneven at times when trying to convey it's message, the bad guys are a bit rubbish and there's a few moments in the fight scenes that probably should be better.

    On the other hand, everything else.

  • Blackhat



    I've watched this film 3 times now. The first time was at the cinema and I wasn't too hot on it. The 2nd time I fell in love with it. This recent 3rd viewing last night has me even more in love with it.

    Definitely give it a 2nd chance if you weren't a big fan the first time around because this is quite the film.