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  • Top Gun

  • Only Angels Have Wings

  • Fourteen

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  • El Planeta

    El Planeta

    Really enjoyed this, one of the breeziest tragedies I've ever seen. Ulman finds such an impressive balance between comic lightness/spontaneity and a profound underlying sadness, both on the level of performance and narrative construction. Both Ulman and her mum are so sharp, they have the grace to make the characters' bourgeois pretensions ridiculous, charming and heartbreaking all at once. Also works as commentary on broader social and economic malaise without compromising the endearing specificity of the mother-daughter relationship dynamic/their situation. Good stuff, see it with your mum!

  • Memoria


    Low-key quite a cheeky movie! Day 4 of SFF and I am thriving!!

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  • Titane


    Stray observations/incoherent thoughts:

    - The sheer pain of it all. The film’s depictions of Alexia’s bodily transformations - self-instigated or otherwise - foregrounds their pain and distress, and were evidently so powerful that someone at last night’s SFF screening actually passed out. Ducornau holds back on gore, avoiding its ~unseemly tendency to disgust and arouse, and instead deploys crunchy, scratchy sound effects and fairly realistic amounts of bodily fluid leakage. The rationale here, I assume, is to center Alexia’s experience…

  • City Hall

    City Hall

    Not quite the rousing glorification of civic administration a devout public servant might hope for, but not overly cynical either - Wiseman takes a more agnostic view of things. Lots to chew on of course, but most obviously follows Wiseman's interest in the mechanics of how a community, born from the labour and imagination of people who have long since passed, sustains itself. Thus we are given the opportunity to examine the minutiae of the rhetoric and ritual that keeps…