Cruella ★★

I can’t wait till Disney decides to reboot this film in about 20 years, and we find out that Emma Thompson’s “the baroness” was actually a good girl all along….

Disney present a boring mess of a film that completely sanitizes all the edge off of what could have been an interesting film. 
At the risk of  sounding like an angry daily mail columnist, they get rid of everything that made the character interesting and alluring, gone is the epic cigarette holder, gone is the dog killing, in fact in this she actually loves dogs… 
All of these changes would be tolerable if the film actually captured the punk rock anarchist style it was going for, but alas Disney is the most establishment voice in movie making right now, and confuses having a sense of style and voice with just playing needle drops every couple seconds. Instead the film goes for a broadly humorous  approach which mostly falls flat, other than the scene in which a murderous pack of Dalmatians “accidentally” kill cruellas mum, a scene so bizarre and tonally inept it almost made up for the price of admission (which is not saying much because I got a free ticket)

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