The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★

A strong conceptual core, that’s completely botched in its slap dash execution, and poor writing
The tone is all over the place, the horror beats are so rushed they barely registered, the heart warming “breakfast club” stuff in which we are meant to relate to our wacky cast of the characters all fell flat. And movies should stop drying to rip off the breakfast club and find an actual good movie from the 80s to riff on. The obligatory music bonding dance scene was particularly egregious. If the movie embraced the ridiculousness of the final 30 minute fight it could have been a very fun watch, but ended up being lame central.

Only Watch if you Want to see 
The hottest young actors debase themselves by Doing ridiculous foreign accents.
A tragic backstory in which a hot young man accidentally burns his girlfriend by getting to turned on (which is unintentionally hilarious, especially when he gets pushed into a pool with a mop, to “cool off”)
Legendary Brazilian actor Alice braga doing a ridiculous run. 
And an anime girl With a giant carton sword  fighting a giant demon bear

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