I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★

ok so this is particularly a difficult movie for me to review or rate because i truly enjoyed how they depicted tonya and humanized her and made us empathize with the character and care about everything that happened to her. her arc is depressing and there is a lot of compassion within the script. but then whenever i come to think about how they depicted the constant abuses that tonya suffered throughout her entire life i start to hate this a little bit. happy songs and an energetic montage? she was getting abused for god's sake, why did anyone thought it would be okay doing stuff like this? it ended up serving as the heavy-handed drama featured in the movie's comic relief and it upset me.

also nancy, a big and important role on tonya's life and downfall, got one line that was basically her screaming and that's it. i know this is a story that focus on tonya and what happened to HER but why is nancy just... there? she deserved a lot more from the narrative they picked tbh.

but there is some good stuff here, of course. both robbie and janey are great and deserved all the praise they can get, specially janey's lavona that scared me to death. i do believe though that there is more that robbie can offer and this shouldn't be the role that gives her an oscar yet. she is definitely getting there and her tonya is enough proof. i also enjoyed a lot how this is actually a mockumentary and how they always ended up breaking the fourth wall, those moments were great!

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