Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare ★★★½

i would be lying if i say that i found truth or dare to be a GREAT horror film but it's v entertaining and even though this screamed to have a R rating (PG-13 rating ruins a lot of scenes that could've beneffited from more blood and gore) i liked a lot

yes it's silly predictable dumb stupid and all of the things people are saying but the story is not that bad and it really kept me going! it's not scary though, but it's interesting enough to not making me fall asleep. also the ending practically begs for a sequel which i normally don't support but i am making an exception for this because i liked how they twisted things and did THAT. the scenarios and possibilities for a even better sequel are endless and i hope this goes well enough on box office so we can get the sequel we deserve

pretty sure i will stand by this movie and deffend it from the haters and i'm also 367% sure i'm going to be one of the only ones to do that but it's fine if it means i don't have to join the bandwagon hate just to prove myself intelectually as a Cinema Lover because lolz truth or dare rules!!!! (a bit)

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