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  • Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

    Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key


    Many gialli seem to consider their characters as ancillary to the murder story (often cardboard, underdeveloped or otherwise uninteresting), but Martino does the opposite. Here he keeps his characters as the centerpiece of the film, which adds depth to a sub-genre that, we should admit, isn't rife with it. The abusive relationship between the main couple works nicely as a catalyst for the distrust and hate that drives the story. And the character of Floriana adds a wonderful spice to…

  • The Hands of Orlac

    The Hands of Orlac


    What I love most about these classic horror movies is how they tackle high concepts with such sincerity. "A man loses his hands in an accident and they're replaced with the hands of a recently executed murderer. And now the murders continue!" That's a premise that nowadays nearly writes itself. But in 1924 this was novel stuff and the film works because of it. Since the film buys into it, so do we.

    Conrad Veidt gives a strong, albeit highly…

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  • The Seafarers

    The Seafarers


    I found it difficult to sit through a 28-minute piece of propaganda on a subject I don't care about in the slightest. I only got through it by repeating to myself, "Kubrick made this... Kubrick made this..." As I watched, I did my best to spot anything "Kubrick" about it. It was well shot, kind of. The subjects were always in frame and there were a couple competent tracking shots. But the truth is there's just no reason to watch this other than to be able to say "I've seen every Kubrick film."

  • The Haunted Castle

    The Haunted Castle


    There's some confusion about this film. Georges Méliès made two films whose titles are often translated as The Haunted Castle. The first was in 1896 and can be seen here. The second was made in 1897 (which this Letterboxd entry is for) and can be seen here.